Tuesday, November 13, 2007

UNDENIABLE A found poem

Strange, surprising,
A doubter more curious
More complicated;
Compose that dream,

Ambitious poet
Confessed the echo,
The child
Lost, vaguely tonic;
Late and convincing,
Wrote tradition,
Thin, coherent.


6 Responses to “”

  1. Very nice- it’s fun, isn’t it? Where did you “find” this???

    Nice to meet a new blog friend…

  2. Sara said

    Love it. Where did you get the words from?

    Do you want to link to Poets Who Blog. Let me know.

  3. Sara said

    Silly me. I noticed you did link to PWB. I will link back. Welcome!

  4. Mark said

    So how does this “found poem” thing work?

    – Mark

  5. quidam58 said

    Click the link to on the title to Stoney Moss, and she will explain how it all works! It’s fun.

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