Friday, December 28, 2007


music lessons are nasty
if you have to share them
with another student
after the professor soaks his reed
loosens his fingers and arpeggios
nimble through the passages as always
the other sits there and smiles
where have I been all week
with my instrument
to prepare
the keys feel stiff under my touch
the reed heavy
it will not speak
the professor’s eyebrows are startled
while the other smirks
then climbs a perfect scale
while at the window
wooden fingers
scratching panes
warn of the coming gale


Wednesday, December 26, 2007


alone at dinner
knife and fork click
peas ramble plate
ice tinks glass

the weather’s cold
we’ve had snow
will this winter be as long as the last

I’ve built a snowman with my mashed potatoes
a shave of carrot for the nose
alone at dinner
these things happen

Sunday, December 23, 2007


cloud smoke reveals the bright moon
blows to the north
the air clearing this night
after today’s dull heavy gray
low clouds rain slush
and weary
aching at the bones
with thick swollen joints
and every glance out the window
another tug with the barometer
my lids lower
with the rain creeping
from the sill to brown snow mounds
one glance to the sky
in this chill dripping night
a spark of light

Friday, December 21, 2007


impetuous weeds
advancing from one suburban lawn
to invade another
in their insistence on life
beautiful or not
who would dare compare them to roses
or would not
but what violence wrecked on
those blooming yellow heads
by the whirling blades of dad’s Saturday
morning mower
not dead to the roots until
a slower death saturates
the agony of herbicide
then the innocent toddler
in the yard next door
plucking fistfuls for mother
yet the parachutes still fly in wild
currents of air
dropping seeds
the paratroopers
behind enemy lines

Tuesday, December 18, 2007


go ahead
throw my idea on the chopping block
it was tough to start with
might as well cut a slab of meat from it
throw it on the grill
where it will sizzle
drip grease
and flare those coals,
just stand back a little and
mind the reach of flame