Thursday, December 6, 2007


Sure there were a few embers left
from the day’s fire
in the stove
breathing red with the bellows
but it was nearly
2:00 in the morning
and, yes, I admit
it was chilled in the house
but I have an electric blanket…
still, the dog was waiting
so was the cat
and another one
oh, and I forgot the big Maine Coon
who hides
and the frail one
who howls at the walls.
They were waiting…

The kindling
was dry
cut weeks ago
and it caught quickly enough
but the big logs
took time and patience
as the animals sat with me
(one snugly on my lap)
and watched;
they had all the time in the world
and something of their ancestors wild
in their anticipation of the night’s warmth.


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