Monday, December 17, 2007


C’mon snow wind blizzard
freezing chill ice
is this all you’ve got
you frumpy old storm
with dowdy rags
nothing smart
or new
to throw about
we’ll soon know the tougher one
as you deepen your pressure
drawing polar air
just to spit in my face
familiar tactics
in the war of weather
yes, my blood still pumps
my hands are not frozen
as I crawl in a snow cave
quiet and alone…
but my leg is quite broken…
please someone
help me home


3 Responses to “”

  1. Mark said

    Top work! Great concept. Nice feel to the piece.

  2. janetleigh said

    Now, now, now, watch what you say about “dowdy” as I R one of them..;>

    Your “weather” word choices are prime and so fresh, I bet you had to spank them before you put them to paper..;>

    I hope the poem isn’t biographical in the sense that you broke your leg, quidam. That would suck big time. Hope all is well and you have a Happy New Year!

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