Monday, February 18, 2008

Northern Lights

Take me away
sturdy rowboat
the midnight sky is deep and clear
over this Great Lake
and no Earthly map steers our course.
With every pull and plash of the oars
the lights on shore blink and dim
and finally in deep water
we rest in the company of steady stars.

From the north
with no warning
a strange visitor appears
wrapped in whirls of color
his flare flashes
the sky
and with nimble fingers plucking harp strings
composes a symphony of light.

How many minutes
or hours
during this late-night performance
improvised across the sky
we drift and float
rocking in the
rhythm of fluid rainbows
awash in the wonder of it
bathed in the aesthetics
I do not know
yet gradually
like a shy performer quietly slipping out the stage door
the Northern Lights vanish
into the fixed reality of the constellations
and by the stars again
we find our way home.


4 Responses to “”

  1. Richard said

    I’m hugely envious. Two things to see before I die: Northern Lights; Southern Cross.

  2. Soulless said

    “finally in deep water
    we rest in the company of steady stars”

    Such tranquility washes over me. Thank you for this. Also for the breathtaking imagery and analogy in the second stanza. This is a favorite among your poems that I’ll remember. 😉

  3. Spatherdab said

    rest in the company of steady stars …

    very nice.

  4. Sara said

    This is really peaceful. It reminds me of a time long ago, maybe when only indians lived in north america. It paints a lovely image of nature.

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