Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Grandpa’s Problem

bewildered in the living room
between the sofa and the recliner
no clear path in view
with naked Barbies
Lego castles and Dog more
like a sleeping wolf scattered
what rising sun will navigate
this kingdom of youth
with no lamp
within reach


6 Responses to “”

  1. Sara said

    You paint a scene well while still leaving the meaning of this subtle.

  2. dsnake1 said

    this is beautiful.
    love the imagery here.
    i like your use of toys in this poem. an analogy to a “second childhood”?

  3. Brian said

    very nice, both funny and serious, imagistic and tender

  4. …sounds like home to me.
    …have you’ve been in our house lately?:-)

    Ciao, Milou

  5. whypaisley said

    i am not even anyones gramma and i can so identify with this.. i am sooooo out of touch,, out of date,, lost and confused by the younger generation… and me ,, i just cant believe it… i swore i would never get old…..

  6. I like that, you painted the scene very well

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