Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Not Quite a Debate

not quite paralyzed
she can walk with a cane
which rests neatly in her
shopping cart as
she hobbles down the isle
pushing her quart of milk
three frozen dinners
and small cans of dog food
and catches up to me
at the checkout

I shop for a family of four
and four cats and an old hungry dog
and today wore a campaign
sweatshirt for the heck of it
to see what flames I might ignite
in our chilly super-grocery-store
when the clerk noticed it
and said they’re all corrupt even if
he’s smart enough
but still corrupt
railing how she wouldn’t
vote for any of them
while the old lady stacked her
dog food neatly on the belt
behind me
patient eyes assembling this debate
I said well, at least in a Democracy
you’re still allowed the freedom of choice
and I rallied my original purpose
not believing I’d really soften
the cynicism of anyone’s heart or mind
but maybe burn
some of its poison


Monday, March 24, 2008

Certainty 4,000

Now just entering
the sixth year of Bush’s War
today they say it’s a milestone
4,000 dead fighting this fight
so let’s erect granite milestones across
the country one for every life lost
every mile from coast to coast.

There are those who doubted this war
from the beginning
and those who had a change of heart
years on
but one man was settled and certain
before shock and awe
confident determined and sure—
his mission accomplished years ago
with that fateful decision.

And the men and women go on fighting.
More milestones ahead
a certainty.

Saturday, March 15, 2008

Spring Floods

the air fizzy with rain
lawn freckled with
melting snow
guarding gnome tipping in the garden
caught unaware
his sister sylph long since flown
under the weatherman’s
suasion crawls a flood warning
and through the
children’s playful rabble
we raise our glasses
a toast to spring
we sip her champagne

Thursday, March 13, 2008

Road Work

The highway crew
like medics in the battlefield
of winter
drives their yellow dump truck
with cold patch
down our road every day
on their route through town
with shovels ready to
spread the healing asphalt.
The truck rolls by slow
as the men search for potholes
to fill
cracks and splits in the skin of the road
rents in the pavement
the cold bullets of winter
have blown wide.
And where they find a fresh injury
they stop and dress the wound
then continue on their way
searching for more
casualties of this season.

Wednesday, March 12, 2008

I Heard It On The Radio

Weather report on the radio today
a snowstorm for Saturday
with heavy snowfall
possibly a few inches
or nothing at all.

The clouds may or may
not darken the skies
or cast into shadow our
meager lives. But should
the snow bury us
after all at least my good
neighbor has a plow.