Sunday, March 9, 2008


who would build a brick roof
when slate or shingle
serves better
as the heavy bricks
crumbled giving way that
and this unfortunate breach
opened to the roaring skies
and the great bear thundering
from the heavens
rearing raised those terrible claws and
demolished what was left of that structure
then shaking his coat
what storm
now swamped our living room

soon the contractors came
at least they were quick
with pallets of bricks
and mortar and tried
to seal the roof stop the leak
from the grizzly rain
both crawling on top of the house
swearing at this thumb and that
but then one was distracted and decided
to build a fine wall in the garden
with bricks damming the mud
while the water drove down through
that hole without mercy

now where to sweep this
lurching beast
while the men tap my wallet
and pour it all out
like a warm pot of coffee


2 Responses to “”

  1. noahthegreat said

    I really love this.

  2. janetleigh said

    Excellent, to the point I have to ask, were you in a recent tornado/hurricane/snow-caved-in-roof scenario, quidam? It’s told in such a genuine voice, ya know? If you weren’t, then, boy, you sucked me into this story like a vacuum cleaner. lol

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