Saturday, March 15, 2008

Spring Floods

the air fizzy with rain
lawn freckled with
melting snow
guarding gnome tipping in the garden
caught unaware
his sister sylph long since flown
under the weatherman’s
suasion crawls a flood warning
and through the
children’s playful rabble
we raise our glasses
a toast to spring
we sip her champagne


10 Responses to “”

  1. paisley said

    what a visual transformation.. you make it a wanton rite,, this coming of spring… how lovely…

  2. My mind has shifted to Spring too. This poem makes me long for the warmer days even more. Thanks for sharing such a lovely poem. Have a nice weekend.

  3. lissa said

    your poem flows so nicely, great use of the friday 5 words and very descriptive, I can imagine the changing atmosphere

  4. dsnake1 said

    we don’t have the 4 seasons here, living in the tropics, but we are having plenty of rain recently.
    your first line, ” the air fizzy with rain” , grabs the attention of the reader (at least this one) prodding him/her to read more. 🙂

    enjoyed this lively write.

  5. Superb! Love it! Visual, vivid and vibrant words and imagery.

  6. the air fizzy with rain is excellent and the way that ties to the champagne at the end

  7. Angelica said

    Oh, this is clever. Very lovely and great imagery.

  8. pieceofpie said

    patiently waiting for springs arrival and yet my glass is empty… simply beautiful…

  9. Soulless said

    “guarding gnome tipping in the garden”

    Such a gem of a line for the imagination! Had a silly grin on my face while I watched the scene in my mind, haha. Thanks! Cheers!

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