Monday, March 24, 2008

Certainty 4,000

Now just entering
the sixth year of Bush’s War
today they say it’s a milestone
4,000 dead fighting this fight
so let’s erect granite milestones across
the country one for every life lost
every mile from coast to coast.

There are those who doubted this war
from the beginning
and those who had a change of heart
years on
but one man was settled and certain
before shock and awe
confident determined and sure—
his mission accomplished years ago
with that fateful decision.

And the men and women go on fighting.
More milestones ahead
a certainty.


3 Responses to “”

  1. Paul said

    Powerful and direct, very active poem. 4000 Americans, hundreds of thousands of others, all with families,

  2. Pam said


    What a terrifying image of all that granite stretched from coast to coast; still it goes on and on. As a child of a career Marine I have known the terror of having a parent go to war (he went twice to Viet Nam) and as brave as the military families are, there are many children suffering here and in Iraq. I also wrote about this war in my poem Valley of Bones. Thanks for sharing your comment on my poem “Tree Song”.

  3. noahthegreat said

    I’m just glad it’s not a real war. If it was, we’d have reached that milestone a long time ago. 4,000 is a lot, but it’s nothing compared to what we had in other wars.

    I hate to see that many people dead, though.

    I’m just glad we won’t have any terrorist attacks until the next president pulls out.

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