Wednesday, April 2, 2008

The New Economy

the store clerk demands
cash for the clothes
because of the credit crisis
a new policy

there were too many clothes
in the store in the first
second and third place
decisions impossible
after hours of choosing one thing
and another and so on for hours of
catastrophic shopping
I toss the heap on the counter
and pet the nap of the sweater I like best
like a favorite dog
toying with what must
soon be a parting

I open my wallet
empty of the tens and twenties
that sustain the economy
once released to swim the rivers and streams
of our trade
and even if I had those fishy greenbacks from the Fed
I don’t know if I could I free them
from the hooks of
my new economy
after so many years of casting invisible money to the wind

well, the jeans I’m wearing
will suffice for now
they have endured
they will endure
patches spots dog hair and all
through this crisis
this belt-tightening


One Response to “”

  1. noahthegreat said

    I like how you refer to a dog at the beginning and end :D.

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