Friday, April 4, 2008

Trouble Packing

the girls are playing polo in the
front hall again without ponies
lanky and lean in their uniforms
swinging mallets whacking
knees and ankles causing a few
black and bruises but their teeth
are clean and white as they should
be for their age and general
good health and vitality
as Sam and I pack and prepare
for our cruise and I remember
the last one with the rock and roll
of the ocean liner heaving under my
body and the unrelenting disequilibrium
nausea and vertigo the pink patch
behind the ear never did relieve
and the days spent in bed and Sam
says we’ll have calm seas this time
and I never know what to pack and stare
at the empty suitcase and the crammed closet
and the dog shakes and Sam sneezes
and coughs and says the salt sea air will help
his sinuses where the CAT scan showed the chronic
infection and the doctor wanted to operate
but Sam says he’ll sail on this trip with his
antibiotics and saline irrigation and try that instead
and I need to run out to the store for some last minute
things for the trip when an old woman with frizzled white hair
driving a Dodge Dart swerves head-on into my lane
but she’s going so slow it’s not terribly hard to avoid her without
a fatal collision and then another old lady in another Dart and another one
aims at me exactly the same car my parents drove when I was
a kid and I didn’t know they were still on the road and such a favorite
of the old people here in town

when I return home the girls are still at their game
teeth white as ever
healthy and alive


2 Responses to “”

  1. jan doble said

    this has some serious momentum going!

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